First Year Fast Ramp

Yoi's onboarding and integration approach leads to faster productivity and higher engagement than ever before



“I highly recommend Yoi to any company interested in creating an exceptional first year experience for their new hires!”

Wendy Smith, Global Head of Talent Experiences, NCR



How It Works


Automate your employee’s experience

Our workflow automation technology delivers calendared assignments to employees, managers, and their teams. We tailor each experience to reflect your company’s culture and ensure your strategic objectives are achieved. Yoi’s comprehensive approach guides employees and those supporting them to do everything necessary for their success.


Adapt to each employee’s unique needs

Yoi continually checks in with employees via “Pulse Checks” and adjusts the experience to each employee’s responses and behavior. Yoi provides customized support and guidance when it’s needed most. Every employee is supported and engaged in Yoi’s research-backed 20 critical areas for employee success.


Gain insights you’ve never had before

Yoi surfaces a constant stream of real-time insights into how all your people are doing. We’ll help you spot red flags, understand each employee’s trends, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals, teams, and your company as a whole. Yoi’s “Pulse Checks” are embedded within each user’s workflow to ensure consistent, accurate assessment of progress.


Make strategic workforce decisions with the intelligence that you need

Our algorithms detect critical trends in actively gathered data. We alert management and leadership to likely outcomes, and guide them to take prescriptive actions necessary to address issues before they occur while building on the strengths of their people.



Helping new hires succeed in that critical first year is one of the biggest challenges facing HR professionals today. Ensure your new hires’ success with Yoi.