Is Yoi an app?
No, Yoi is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. This means your employees won't have to download anything to get started. They can use Yoi via email or on their phone (via their corporate email).

Can Yoi integrate with my HRIS system?
We offer single sign-on capability (SSO), which allows users who authenticate with their credentials to move seamlessly from Yoi to other systems.

How does Yoi work with my existing HR systems?
We use a data feed from your HRIS to get employee information into the Yoi system. We offer full integrations for more comprehensive needs, such as transfering data back and forth between an LMS and Yoi. Most of our clients find this unnecessary, however, because of Yoi’s robust data capability.

What's the cost? How do you price out?
We offer tiered pricing based on organization's size (small, medium, large). For those clients who want to get started right away and pilot the tool, we offer a more modest entry point with our 6 month QuickStart, which starts at 25K.

How long does it take to get started?
With our out-of-the-box templates, right away! Otherwise, we can usually have customized programs ready to launch anywhere from 2-4 weeks after getting started.

Can Yoi measure engagement for all my employees?
Yes. Our check-in questions are designed (and delivered) to continually capture 360 engagement data, and to surface this data to management and leadership on a consistent, actionable basis.

Do I need to have an onboarding and engagement program already or can Yoi help me create one?
No. Yoi's team of onboarding and engagement specialists can create programs specifically tailored for your needs. Note, our approach is to deliver bite sized learnings to employees over time. We are not a LMS or in the business of making custom training videos or documents.


What ROI can I expect to see?
Shortened time to productivity, reduction in turnover, and supercharged engagement across all levels of users. See customer examples on Page X.

Who does Yoi help?
Yoi helps new hires and existing employees, as well as their managers. We've worked with Sales, Customer Support, Call Center, Customer Engineers, Engineers, Finance, Corporate, you name it! We just need a corporate email address as the tool pushes content via email.

Can Yoi help sales teams?
Absolutely. In fact, we helped Verizon's enterprise sales team reach their quota in half the time!

How does Yoi help managers?
Yoi helps managers in two ways. First, Yoi saves managers time by taking onerous onboarding tasks off their plate and delivering them direcrtly to the new hire (example: list of common resources). Secondly, Yoi helps managers be great managers by alerting them when their hires need support or have gone off track. And then Yoi offers guidance and coaching on the best way to follow up!

What kind of insights does Yoi provide HR and business leaders?
As a leader you will be able to see in real time the areas where employees are struggling and where they are excelling, In addition, you'll be able to see which managers are engaging and which are not. You'll also be able to see what parts of your program / training are working well and what aren't. Lastly, Yoi has been able to identify key drivers of turnover.

What are the new hire benefits of Yoi?
New hires feel supported from the first moments of day one onward. Yoi ensures they get the training and coaching they need... from the right team members... just when they need it the most. They also have the opportunity to give and receive continual feedback, which has proven to generate a big boost in engagement.

Who gets "the most" out of the system?
Between new hires, managers and HR leadership, Yoi truly is a win/win/win proposition. New hires' onboarding experience is elevated exponentially; managers receive as much guidance and support as needed; and execs are offered unprecedented levels of visibility and insight.


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