Turning Today’s New Hires into Tomorrow’s Super Bowl Champs

From administrative assistants to NFL players, how well a new employee is integrated in their first year is a leading indicator of long-term success.

It’s become common for NFL teams to place significant time and resources into the development and integration of their rookies or new teammates. In order to maximize a rookie’s potential, teams will bring in strength coaches, nutritionists, doctors and other specialists. Extra time is set aside for mentor’s guidance and field testing as well, all in order to help the new players contribute as soon as possible towards the teams’ goals and success.

For those of us who work in the HR space, the parallels to the sports world are numerous:

Teams need new players to be motivated – We want new hires to be engaged

Teams want players to contribute quickly – We value ‘speed to productivity’

Teams want new players committed – We measure loyalty through retention

From Rookies to Champions

Tom Brady and the Patriots are a good example of how this kind of focus and attention on rookies can pay off. Drafted in the 6th round of the 2000 draft, (#199 to be exact) Brady was nonetheless integrated thoroughly into the Patriot organization, and specifically into Coach Belichick’s ground-breaking offense. Belichick’s system was carefully designed to get the most out of each of his player’s strengths. In spending as much time evaluating the rookies as he does starters, Belichick is determined to make sure his players have everything they need to succeed. Belichick summed up the Patriots rookie training strategy in this way — “to have more knowledge, more understanding, more clarification — that’s how you improve.”

The Patriots also rely heavily on analytics and the latest advancements in sports science in a never-ending quest to find ways to capitalize on their available talent. Four Superbowl victories later, the team can point to the scoreboard as evidence of their successful methods. Even the normally modest Brady has gushed, “what the Patriots did early in my career is amazing.”

Where Business Drops the Ball

Unfortunately, corporate America typically doesn’t always think the way sport teams do regarding the development of new employees. Organizations are happy just to get a new hire into a simple onboarding platform that processes paperwork and checklists for the first two weeks. They do very little, however, to “connect” to new employees on a personal level, gauging things like expectations, role clarity, or how the employee feels.

Rather than guide and develop new employees during the first year, most companies leave their rookies to sink or swim on their own. HR is detached, leaving the newbies’ success solely in the hands of managers who often lack the tools, the time, the training or the interest to properly tackle the challenge. Brady may have fallen through the cracks of the NFL, had he not been so well integrated by the Patriots.

What is desperately needed in business today is something that goes beyond today’s traditional “Onboarding” solution. A true First Year Success platform that begins where “traditional onboarding” usually ends and frankly fails. Until recently, companies lacked the knowledge, resources, or the technology to effectively measure and manage their employee’s engagement levels.

Enter the Corporate Strength Coach

Yoi’s New Hire Success platform provides tools to HR and managers so that they can connect with the new hire on a personal level while gauging essential ingredients for success such as: attitude, motivation, perspective, expectations, role clarity, etc. Calendared pulse surveys, automated workflows, and task responses are just three of the many features that maximize new hire engagement, productivity, and retention. The Yoi platform uses powerful predictive analytics, large data sets and behavioral science to help managers engage, monitor and increase productivity of their workforce. Yoi alerts managers of new hire trends, triangulating feedback from coworkers, manager and the new hires. Then it helps orchestrate the ideal responses of adjustment, recognition or realignment. This provides managers and Organizational leadership with key strategic insights into the entire team — and with a huge advantage over competitors who do not employ such methods.

Think of the Yoi experience as an automated strength coach, brought in to help develop the new employee throughout that critical first year. Not only guiding the rookie, but regularly notifying the manager of the employee’s development, strengths and weaknesses. The platform will provide insights on what the new hire is experiencing or feeling, while offering suggestions to the manager on how to best adjust, approve, or realign their employee’s experience for maximum success.

Turning Millennials into MVP’s

The obvious need for proper new hire/”Rookie” first-year integration is even more important when you take into account the next wave of new hire employees. The millennial generation is aware of the “sink or swim” mentality that awaits them as they enter the workforce. But instead of patiently accepting this fate at their new jobs, millennials have proven that they would rather walk out the door first. At the 6-month mark, 87% of millennials remain uncommitted to their new jobs. On average, they will only remain with an organization 18 months! Meanwhile, organizations continue using manual, disparate, outdated integration methodologies, while the complexity to retain quality talent rises exponentially.

The Yoi new hire success platform enables companies to unlock human potential, with faster ‘speed to productivity’, engagement, and increased retention. The payoff for using an automated First Year success solution, is priceless. If you don’t believe me, just ask the New England Patriots!

Doug Hartshorne is a Human Capital Strategist and Account Manager for Yoi, a new employee success and engagement platform proven to maximize employee productivity, engagement and retention. Yoi’s new employee success technology significantly influences employee outcomes by utilizing predictive and prescriptive data analytics within a workflow automation framework to facilitate the most critical workplace conversations and activities. For more information about Yoi, or to request a demo, click here.