About Us


The Yoi mission is simple – to “improve human performance in the workplace.”

We believe companies and their employees ultimately share the same goal; creating rich experiences in the workplace where individuals can thrive and perform at their best. Research indicates that the first year experience is the single greatest predictor of long-term success. Early employee engagement and the speed at which new hires become proficient in their role is directly correlated to how successfully they are woven into the fabric of the company.  

At Yoi, we believe that if organizations foster deeper and more transparent interactions between employees and their managers, their businesses will perform better, people will stay longer and will be more productive. Yoi’s SaaS-based platform focuses on maximizing workforce performance and engagement. Using research-backed content, light touch data collection, and adaptive workflow technology, Yoi’s digital platform helps enterprises accelerate new employees’ ramp to productivity, while boosting engagement and retention.



Our Values


Continuous Improvement

We value continuous improvement. Actionable knowledge combined with a commitment to continuous improvement is the only way for people and organizations to reach their full potential.


Transparency is key. Giving and receiving honest feedback makes us stronger. It’s a gift.


It’s all about trust. Psychological safety is the number one contributor to successful teams. So we hold trust, respect, and integrity as paramount.


Data-Driven Insights

Meaningful insights help people grow.  Data will never replace human interaction, but meaningful insights accelerate human growth.


We are better together. Growth and productivity don’t happen in isolation, but rather through interaction and collaboration with others.



Culture At Yoi


We are passionate about improving human performance in the workplace – for our clients and ourselves. As leaders in a new space, we are energized by technology’s potential to fundamentally shift and enhance the way people connect and grow at work.

We strive to practice what we preach. We do this through our commitment to openness and transparency and ongoing feedback. At Yoi, you’ll find people who are open-minded, caring, self-aware, and above all committed to continuous growth — both personal and professional. That includes our commitment to pushing boundaries, taking risks, and innovating for the good of the workplace.

We are a tight-knit group of dedicated entrepreneurs who love to laugh at themselves, have fun, and help others.

Sound like you? Join our growing team!