The first Assess + Direct Engine to develop:

Sales Reps


Yoi develops sales reps faster increasing their speed to quota by 40%.

New Hires


Yoi engages new hires from day 1, giving new hires a great experience and reducing attrition by 86%.



Yoi assesses constantly, directing employees to the resources they need to reach their full potential.

How the Yoi Engine Works

Who We Serve


Are grateful for Yoi because it promises that they will be successful and benefit from the feedback and support of those around them.


Are grateful for Yoi because it alerts them when their employees need them and gives guidance on how to engage.


Are grateful because they have the visibility and insight into the organization to see who’s at risk and how to get them back.

Sales Leaders

Are grateful that their new reps are productive faster and that they have visibility into the reps at risk.

“I highly recommend Yoi to any company interested in creating an exceptional first year experience for their new hires!”

Wendy Smith, Global Head of Talent Experiences, NCR